What is the difference between flu and cold?

Flu and common cold are both respiratory diseases, but they are caused by various viruses. Because these two types of diseases have similar symptoms, the difference between them can be difficult to tell based on symptoms alone. Flu is usually worse than the common colds and more severe effects. Normally, colds are milder than flu. It is more likely that people with colds will have a runny or stuffy nose. Colds typically cause serious health problems like pneumonia, bacterial infections, or hospitalizations. Flu can have problems associated with it very seriously.

How do you tell the difference between flu and cold?
Cold Vs Flu

Since colds and flu share many symptoms, telling the difference between them on the basis of symptoms alone can be difficult (or even impossible). Specific tests that typically have to be done within the first few days of the infection will indicate if someone has the flu.

What are the flu symptoms versus the cold symptoms?

Flu symptoms may include feverish / chills, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches, and tiredness (tiredness). Normally, cold symptoms are milder than flu symptoms. It is more likely that people with colds will have a runny or stuffy nose. Colds do not necessarily lead to serious health problems.It can cause enough mucus that can lead to the serious issues like shortness of breathing and heaviness of head or headache.The main problem is that mucus filled into our lungs and cause many diseases like allegorical issue which can cause other problems which takes a ot of time to diagnosis

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